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Our team has worked with many online coaches, consultants, and personality-based businesses. Some of our clients are best-selling authors who have been featured on Oprah, The Today Show and Good Morning America.

Case Study 1:

How a Business Coach and Author Made 57K from a Webinar Series

  • 13.5x ROAS

  • 1873 New People Added to List

  • Landing Page Conversion Rate 42%


Client was a business coach and author, launching a high-ticket B2B online business training program at a price tage of $2500. This coach had some momentum but was ready to scale significantly and was having trouble getting consistant results from advertising.


This client's goal was two-fold:

1. Increase new people on list

2. Increase on-line sales


Make Facebook™ ads that focus on a lead magnet and webinar series with an emphasis on advanced, autopiloted video funnel to build rapport and trust with potential clients


Our team:

  • Built a backwards funnel to increase audience trust and loyalty

  • Launched of series of 3 Webinars in the first 30 days

  • Closed 23 sales on autoilot (no sales calls required)

  • Made $57K from $4,098.00 ad spend

  • After launching, we built an evergreen program funnel that continues getting program sales on autopilot

View the numbers by clicking on the case study.

Case Study 2:

How a New Life Coach and Author Made 4352x ROAS

  • Landing Page Conversion 49%

  • 1038 New People Added to List


Client was a new life coach and author who just launched her business. She had been successful in distributing her book through organic social media but wanted to really uplevel and scale with her proven coaching program that worked with the book.


This life coach was starting with a new list and wanted to scale her 3.5K 1:1 program that was the companion to her life coaching book. While this online coach had experienced success through referrals, she hadn’t yet cracked Facebook™ ads. We set out to make FB™ ads work for her.


Create a partial build (including freebies, funnel, pixel and social media strategy) to pull together various landing pages she had created herself.


Our team launched her funnel and ads:

  • 30 new leads per day

    • She still continues to add 30 leads to her list per day (3 months later)

    • She is looking at increasing staff to help magage her lead volume

  • Exceptional Rates:

    • $1 per funnel opt-in lead

    • $15 per sales call

    • Click-Through-Rates double industry standards (indicative of ad quality).

    • $0.48 cost per click (truly exceptional)

      Keep in mind these exceeded industry averages which are: cost-per-click- $2, CTR- 1% for cold audience, and freebie opt-in- $2-4 per lead

  • In 30 days:

    • Booked 61 calls at $15 a piece (extremely cheap)

    • Closed 13 people in her 3.5K 1:1 program

    • Achieved a profit of 45K

    • 4352x ROAS (return on ad spend)

View the numbers by clicking on the case study.

Case Study 3

How an Online Business Coach Made 24 K

  • Grew mailing list by 650% in 60 days

  • Increased landing page conversion rate from 15% to 58%

  • Yielded $2 webinar opt-ins


Recently, our team was brought in to uplevel an online business coach who started off with dismal ad performance and poor landing page conversions for multiple freebies she marketed, plus high-cost webinar registrations.


While the online coach had experienced success in through referrals, she hadn’t yet cracked Facebook™ and she wanted to scale. Our first change was to make Facebook™ work for her.


-Use our proprietary Coaching Roadmap Audit© to established several audiences for the client and begin testing which audiences converted best and with which freebies; incorporate the winning freebie into existing evergreen funnel

-Test various messages and ad types and craft a social media strategy for ads

-Use FB™ Lives at top of funnel to conduct preliminary audience testing that yields rich audience data.

-Scale winning campaigns keeping within client's budget

-Meet or exceed client's minimum 9.6x ROAS

-Develop large, highly responsive audiences who are hungry for the coach’s offerings.

-Retarget abandoned booking campaigns to pull clients back to webinar registration and 1:1 coaching page

-Create bi-monthly evergreen campaign for 1:1 coaching, to meet or exceed client income goal of 144K yearly


In 60 days

Our team:

  • Conducted extensive audience testing

  • Completed a partial build of existing funnel, including audience-tested messaging and design

  • Fixed several problems including an improperly firing pixel and inconsistent landing page

  • Grew email list by 10-20 new leads/day (an increase of 650%)

    In the following 30 days:

    • Booked 32 calls

    • 25% sales closing rate

    • 8 new 1:1 VIP coaching clients ($3000 program)


The time frame to fill client webinars was very short.

Account budgest that increase too quickly often crash and burn

Creative solutions can be used to get registration numbers up.

  • Filled 1st webinar enough to make it profitable

  • Doubled registrations for the next webinar, with minimal increase in ad spend (due to the cumulative effect of a quickly multiplying list and evergreen freebie funnel)

View the numbers by clicking on the case study.

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